Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Weigh In #6

Weight Loss for the Weak! ( Don't feel obligated to post your weight just how much you've lost )
I've lost 0 pounds.  Putting me at 278!  Ugh...not a great week for me concerning workouts.

Struggles and Victories of the Weak!
I'm going to blame myself for this one.  Monday I don't feel too bad about missing as we did a pretty significant amount of walking over the weekend, but Wednesday laziness overcame me and I only went to softball practice.  At least I got a little exercise.  This week will be different.  I'm getting back on track today.  Hopefully the rain holds off and I can get out to the park for my run.

How can I improve?
Determination...all too frequently I just don't feel like going for a jog.  It's really difficult for me with so many other things I could be doing with my time.  With the Translator working one of her temp jobs this week I feel kind of bad heading off for a run as soon as she gets in and then there's the sweet siren call of my couch and my PS3.  How do you beat the temptation to sit on your ass and do nothing?

Don't forget...the cake is a lie and the cube had to die for it.  Until next time.


Sara said...

Hey Bloggerstock buddy! I hope you don't mind a little inapproporiate humor. ; )

Plus a zero pound less is better than a gain, right? (That saying is SO annoying, but how can you not say it, y'know?)

The Bear Monk said...

Inappropriate humor 100% welcome!