Monday, May 2, 2011

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead....

Which old witch?  The terrorist Witch!!

That's right folks, you heard it here first...ok maybe more like 47th...Osama bin Laden is one dead motherfucker.  The whole thing does kind of spin a few questions in my head though.

Based on where they found/killed him (in a compound located in a city near the capital of Pakistan), it seems clear (or at least a fairly safe assumption) that the Pakistan government knew where he was.  I may be out of the loop on this one, but I was pretty sure they were our allies.  So based on those assumptions, why did they not tell us?  Will this throw us into a new war in Pakistan?  Is a war of retribution the right thing for us to do?

Honestly with us battling on so many fronts, I kind of hope that we just take our bin Laden victory and come home.

Secondly, is better that we killed him, effectively making him a martyr for his movement?  Would it not have been better to let him die of natural causes, to avoid that idolatry?  I can definitely see the merit in morale alone in killing him, but is that the most important thing to think about in the long run?

Finally, does the end of the man hunt mean that we can finally bring our men and women home from Afghanistan?  I'm probably pretty out of the loop on this one too, but I was pretty sure the whole reason we were over there was to look for bin Laden.  I'm aware that other things have happened in that time and likely we'll have a military presence in Afghanistan for a long time to come, but with bin Laden dead shouldn't we be able to bring home the vast majority of our troops?

A lot of questions today...

On a more humorous note...on NPR this morning I heard a somewhat funny interview.  The interviewee was a man of Islamic/Muslim (I'll not try to lie here...I'm not 100% sure of the difference) credence and he was talking about how happy the greater Muslim and Islamic communities are that bin Laden has finally been brought down.  I guess its universally true that, we all want that asshole that makes the rest of us look bad to get shot in the face.

Keeping with that chain of thought I'd like to send out a big Fuck You to those ever present assholes over at Westboro Baptist Church.  Way to fuck it up for the rest of us...