Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Glenn Beck...the Anti-Christ? (3WW)

Nah...he's not that important, but the whole "Restoring Honor" March that occurred a couple weeks ago has got me wondering...Does Glenn Beck listen to the things that he says?  I mean really listen?  Most comics that mock Glenn Beck don't even have to say anything, they simply play a clip of his show and people start laughing.

The man is more reliable for a joke then President Bush ever was.

I don't really understand his charm.  I know that a lot of Tea Baggers (not sure I'd want to be called a tea bagger either politically speaking or otherwise) are really outraged at how the country is being run and honestly I don't blame them.  And while they have some good ideas (I'm sure there's a good one...somewhere?), I find that they tend to blow small things out of proportion.

Will disallowing bullets to be made from lead lead to the banning of guns in our country...I seriously doubt it.  On the other hand, if I shoot someone am I really worried about giving them lead poisoning, probably not.

And, as if only to insight the ire of millions of sensible people, they pick (unofficially of course) the dumbest politician to ever grace the political landscape, as their representative.  Yes...I'm talking about Sarah Palin.  The woman who refers to herself as a pitbull.  The woman who thinks that being able to see Russia from her stoop is sufficient international diplomacy experience.  The list goes on and on.  Thank you John McCain, thank you so much for empowering this moron.

Anyway...back to Glenn Beck.  Truth be told I've never watched the man's show, but it seems as though he would sooner feast on the souls of the left then make any compromise that might help this country move forward as a whole.  Isn't compromise what this country was founded on?  Isn't that why we elect individuals who, in theory, have the experience to find common ground and make a difference?

I've never been a fan of the party system...2 parties or 6 parties, all it does is cause polarization of the American people.  "If you're not with me you're against me!"  "If you don't believe everything I said then I'm sorry, but you'll have to answer for your actions in the here after."  Why can't we see some merit when it comes to a contradictory idea?  Glenn Beck.  That's why.  People like him, people that encourage a closed minded approach to life, people that encourage a "my way or the highway" mentality.  These people are the reason that our country can't make any social progress.

I wish that our ideas about politics and life could be more robust.  In my 29 years on this Earth, I've never come across anything that couldn't be looked at from a different point of view (with obvious exceptions i.e. murder/rape).

Now I'm sure there are some left wing people I could name that are doing an equally good job and fucking us in the ass with their party propaganda, but again I don't listen to them.  The reason I mention Glenn Beck is because he's so outspoken.  I can't think of a left wing broadcaster that is as outspoken as he is and so that makes him my target for the day.


Cole Garrett said...

I don't watch Glenn Beck. I don't listen to his shows, and quite frankly, I couldn't care less when and where he leads any sort of march.

That being said, his books are actually pretty funny. You just have to keep an open mind (I know, it's difficult), kind of like you were saying: getting away from polarizing our politics.

Ramesh Sood said...

Not being able to relate with the post.. find it difficult to comment.. but then I did like the way it is written and enjoyed it too.

Do I see you visiting my page too and gracing it with your feedback..

Witless Exposition said...

Yeah for the jump in followers!

He cultivates this "good ol boy" persona that people buy into. I think anyone would admit that most high-level politicians today come from a place that's unrelatable for most of the American public.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I won't even speak his name. Like many broadcasters he says stuff that will make people say his name, so I refuse. My anger is personal (the best for making people speak one's name, I suppose) and it is based on his comments directed towards children-like-mine. For that, I refuse to give more energy in that direction and so, saying that...

I enjoyed the different play with the 3WW words. Bravo and well done!

My 3WW

ThomG said...

He works to extend the polarization of America and it makes me sick that people listen to him, rather than think for themselves.

Jeff said...

I honestly think Glenn Beck is more motivated by the dollar than anything else. He's the ultimate salesman. He'll build rapport with you and make you think he's on your side. He'll then inform you that "Other like-minded people like you and I are reading this book I wrote!" From the books to the T-shirts to a coffee mug that is a chalkboard, he isn't hurtin for a check, I'll say that.

niassne said...

I like Beck. He's crazy, but he's libertarian ... they're all nutz to some degree. KIDDING! (mostly) I'm more interested in the individual things that you find offensive as a whole, in context, that he's said. I do like the turning G.B. as the Anti-Christ around back on him since he's done a lot of 12th Imam things on his shows (which in my mind makes him fair game), but I just think if you declare your dislike of a person you should extend them the courtesy of at least one or two hard examples.

The term Tea Baggers I find offensive, and hate that you use the term. It is a very divisive and mocking term. I may have mentioned this before.

Finally, quit propagating the myth that Sarah Palin said that she can see Alaska from her house. You're better than that, AND it makes you look completely hypocritical when you say you hate politics of divisiveness and then turn around and follow that up with "Tea Baggers" and misquoting someone you don't like on the other side. What Sarah Palin actually said was: "They're our next door neighbors. And you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska." Tina Fey said the oft misquoted line on SNL. It was very funny, but not a direct quote. Now as to whether or not she has real foreign policy experience based on the proximity of Alaska to Russia, well have fun tearing that assertion to bits. It's fair game in my book.

Amity said...

A WELL-CRAFTED STORY! Beautiful story line! :)

The Bear Monk said...

Ok...I have to repost that comment...I reread it and I couldn't tell what the hell I was saying.

Appreciate the correction on the Sarah Palin quote Joe, but the assertion remains that she's got experience with foreign policy that is a direct result of her proximity to a foreign country. Also, to be completely honest I thought "Tea Bagger" was the appropriate term for the people of that movement. Honestly I could swear that I've heard the Beck himself use that term. Apologizes for those that were offended, but what is the correct name for these folks?

So far as the Tea Bag movement is concerned, I don't begin to deny that they do have some good ideas (no examples spring to mind but I'm sure they have some), but I chiefly don't agree with how they pursue these ideas with a methodology that seems to demean or disregard any ideas that are not their own. That is the primary thing that I find offensive about Beck as well.

You and I have had several heated political discussions and we've always come away from those discussions as friends and perhaps with a deeper understanding of how the other feels about certain topics, but based on clips I've seen (probably out of context) I don't feel like he's much like you. After some recent encounters with a guy I knew, who basically worships Beck, I feel like you may be the exception rather then the rule.

YAY...I fixed it. Now I think my comment will come across a little more clearly.

Christian said...

I agree with Joe, you probably need to do a little bit more research before flat out bashing people or spreading misinformation.
A quick google search will give you far worse newscasters on the right or you can just tune in MSNBC. Btw, don't trust late night shows that make fun of GB. Most of the time, they are edited, voiced over, or out of context. Again, don't bash people without having the facts. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will probably be the last place to go get them. I am sure GB is laughing it up all the way to bank.
Trust me, there are far dumber politicians in Washington than Palin. I actually think she is pretty smart. Everybody knows who she is, the media won't stop talking about it, and is very popular within the GOP.
You blamed our party system for stopping social progress in America which I will have to strongly disagree with. I will rather blame corrupt politicians, special interest, and corporate America for meddling in matters of state.

PS: I disagree with most of GB and Palin commentaries but I will defend to the death their right to say it

The Bear Monk said...

Actually...after reading a comment or two here I decided to go ahead do some googling on Mr. Beck and while I think he does have some interesting ideas on certain topics (such as his equal opportunity bashing of both parties) I still feel like his approach is what makes him so disliked or loved. He does seem to cling to a "my way or the highway" mentality that I simply can't abide by. I also feel like its that mentality that keeps us all from both the left and the right from uniting to remove these corrupt politicians for the system. And when I say corrupt politicians I do mean all politicians. Simply put, there is no politician I'd trust (Not Obama, Not Palin, etc) to even keep up with my pets for more then 5 minutes. They've given me no reason to trust them.

So far as Palin being smart...I think we'll have to agree to disagree. Granted she does have a great PR staff that keeps her in the spotlight for one reason or another, but does that make her smart or does it make the people that are managing her career smart? I'm not saying she's the dumbest...lord knows there are tons of people that are far more stupid and deplorable then she.

Perhaps I misspoke about the party system. Perhaps its the people that are screwing up this system and not the system itself. On paper a party system sounds really good...but so does socialism and communism. I simply feel like in our particular configuration of a 2 party system (meaning with all the "with more or against me" mentality) it's extremely difficult for any real social change to happen. Politicians are voting the way their party wants them to instead of how their constituents want them to. In this respect I'm with the people of the Tea Party movement.

And yes I completely agree that while I don't like or believe everything GB or Palin have to say they should absolutely and unquestioningly have the right to speak their minds, but Muslims should also have the right to build a Mosque anywhere they'd like(zoning laws being allowed for of course).

Also, I'd like to say I appreciate all the comments and feedback. How else will I grow to have a more full understanding unless I have options that are unlike my own.

niassne said...

Matt, I know you for a good guy, and I'm glad you took my comments as more constructive than argumentative or heated. The tone of this post (my perception honestly) was more along the lines of a lot of the anti-right stuff I see on TV, in politics, and on the web that gets me riled. And it was my perception even though I know you. That said, most people that stumble here have no idea who you are and can only take your words at exact face value which can be problematic. I really hate the written word ... and love it at the same time.

Tea Party folk (especially Beck) WILL often use the term Tea Bagger when mocking those who are mocking the Tea Party movement. So I guess I can't fault you there.

And like I said, challenging Palin's foreign policy experience is perfectly valid. I just had issue with the quote because I hear it so often that I KEEP having to look up to be sure it is a misquote. At least she's never screwed up the number of states we have though ;)

gautami tripathy said...

It is good piece f writing..

commas in the pauses

Stu Pidasso said...

I disagree with both of your detractors. I think that Glenn Beck, Hannity and most of the talking heads on ALL sides of the political fences take liberties with the information they report. They skew the messages the way they want and bash others as they see fit, so why shouldn't you be allowed to do so. You do not have any need to justify anything to anyone.

I do not have the answers, but I know that the status quo is effed up. something has got to change and change quick or this nation will go bankrupt.

Sadako said...

Agreed. Glenn Beck scares the hell out of me.

Didn't the Tea Party...people, use the term Tea Baggers, though? Not sure how it's offensive if they're calling themselves that!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with the sentiment of this post. Thank you for writing it. I don't respond to extremism on either side of the political spectrum. You are right: there is nothing that can't be looked at from another point of view. I'm liberal, and I can't stand people like Michael Moore and Bill Mahr.

I think all talking heads have to be inflammatory - it's the nature of our media. Everything has to be fire and brimstone. God forbid someone actually just gives us the news straight-up.

And yeah, Sarah Palin is an idiot. Politically speaking. She might be smart in terms of generating fame and buzz, but that has nothing to do with being a smart leader. Also, being in close geographical proximity to a country does not qualify as foreign relations experience. However you quote it, spin it, whatever--the fact remains that her statement was ridiculous.

Christian said...

@Stu: Just because other people in the media spread misinformation does not mean we should do the same thing. The Bear Monk has the right to say anything he wants and he certainly does not have to justify anything to me. This is America after all, but since the Bear Monk, Niassne and I are friends. We were trying to provide constructive criticisms, and encourage him to write something more accurate and a bit more balance.

@Lilly: I never said Sarah Palin was a smart leader and I consider her a quitter actually. Generating fame and buzz is a big part of getting elected. Hell, we have had several political figures straight from Hollywood. Palin is very good at playing the media.
Also, I don't think she meant by just her sitting at her house he had foreign relation experience. She was the governor of a neighboring state. I think that counts for something

Anonymous said...

@ Christian - Thanks for clarifying. I agree, she is great at playing the media. Still, politics shouldn't be a fame game and her antics are an insult to the intelligence of Americans. Of course, I know she isn't unique. Like you said, generating fame is a big part of getting elected-name recognition is a huge factor. Thus, ALL politicians are guilty. And that's what bothers me so much about Washington today-it's 90% smoke and mirrors. But there is something especially irksome about Sarah Palin. Maybe it's her Maury Povich-like private life, or her People Magazine covershoot. Her fame whoring is just so much more transparent than it is with other political figures.

As for her Russia comment, sure, it does count for something. But that something is extremely small and not good enough to make me confident that she could run this country.

The Bear Monk said...

My undying respect to the person who can give me the politically correct name to describe a member of the Tea Party movement. Cause people..."Tea Bagger" ain't it.

The Bear Monk said...

And yes, just to clarify Niassne and Christian are a couple of personal friends of mine. Niassne is my conservative balance. I tend to look to him for good conversations about politics. Heated though they may be, I feel like we always come out with a better understanding of each others' opinions in the end. As for Christian...this is a whole new side of you then I'm used to man. It's much appreciated.

Christian said...

Members of the Tea Party Movement? I think they innocently started calling themselves tea-baggers until they realize the bad connotation that comes with it. I guess a couple of them started to play call of duty or halo. Some of them call themselves that; however, if you are not part of the movement, I think is safer to stay away from using it.

Anonymous said...

I think they are just called Tea Partiers. I feel like I read/hear that a lot.