Friday, September 24, 2010

Lets talk about boobs!

As you may or may not know I am a huge fan of the breasts...I love 'em!!  Without question they are my favorite part of the female form.

If breast cancer kills 50,000 women in a year, that comes to 100,000 breasts!!  100,000 fewer breasts in the world.  It's a horrifying thought.  And as such, I hate breast cancer.

That's right...I'm taking  a stand here and now and saying it loud and proud.


Seriously though, breast cancer is a devastating decease that affects and/or kills literally hundreds of thousands of women every year.  Even if a patient is lucky enough to survive through early detection and surgery, their lives are altered irrevocably.  Other parts of cancer treatments will effect the lives of these women right down to their most basic functions in their daily lives.  For instance,  chemotherapy can cause extreme sensitivity to hot and cold, making if difficult to even have a cold glass of water.

Earlier this year we lost my mother in-law to cancer.  Granted not breast cancer, but I know what these treatments look like and I know how they can take a toll, not just on the patient but on the family as well.  Please support my friend Prathibha Shankar as she attempts to make a difference and participates in a 60 mile, 3 day, walk for the cure, sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Every cent counts, if you can't give a lot, give a little.  Help Prathibha make a difference.


Cristian0 said...

My favorite part of the female form is the mind. Breast are just fat that can give you cancer. By the way, Men can get breast cancer too so guys check yourself too every once in a while :p

The Bear Monk said...

Your wife's brain is exposed? While I'd agree a woman's mind it her most attractive attribute, I'd have to say I wouldn't count it as part of her form.

Also, good point. Men have boobies too. Don't be ashamed of getting them checked guys.

Cristian0 said...

$h1t.. I might be turning into a zombie then!

The Bear Monk said...

HAHA!! That's a blog for another day.