Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christine O'Donnell...worthy of electing? (3WW)

Honestly I don't really think so, I find her general opinions to be far too extremist for my personal tastes.  The woman has managed to take advantage of this whole Sarah Palin hoopla and has emerged from the shroud of obscurity with a surprising gait.  However, I will not begrudge the woman some financial woes and certainly I don't have any issue with her dabbling in "witchcraft" as a kid.

Lets start with her financial woes.  It is alleged that she had some issues with paying the bills when it came to school.  In fact, well maybe not fact I'm not sure, but apparently they even withheld her degree until she was able to pay off the debt she owed them.

Now if you've gone to college and your mommy and daddy didn't pay for it, you'll already know that this is par for the course.  My question to you the audience is do we judge a persons ability to lead based on a relatively short time in her life when we're all having money troubles and we're all trying to adjust to a new phase of our lives?  I should hope not, otherwise we might need to go back and reevaluate our own ability to lead our families. lets talk about "witchcraft" for a second.

Generally speaking I grew up with a Catholic background and as anyone will tell you, as a catholic youth if you don't start doing drugs you probably have messed with a Ouija board.  Is this technically witchcraft?  Yep.  Do any of us really take this stupid, childish, bullshit seriously?  Of course not...unless you're fucking ripened retard and think you're some kind of greater being, but that is a whole other issue.

If we didn't take the use of a simple Ouija board seriously as teenagers when we were all doing it, than why should we now?

Even if this woman was a full fledged Wiccen would it affect her ability to lead?  Probably not (granted I don't know a hell of a lot about Wicca as a belief system).

Anyway what I'm trying to say is...FUCK YOU mass media.  People of both sides of the fence are slinging mud at this woman and it's simply ridiculous.  If you're going to call her out on something why not her stance on masturbation?

Just as an aside can you remain abstinent and NOT masturbate?  Seriously?  People got needs.

Or perhaps the allegation that she's falsified where she went to college in the past?  Shouldn't this be a much more worrisome issue?  Certainly more worrisome then a poor college student who can't pay their bills.

Lets not cave into the media on this one people.  If we're going to object to Ms. O'Donnell, lets do it on a valid basis and not some allegations that are, whether they're true or not, bullshit to the core.  Lets nudge the process in the right direction.  Judge with your brain and not with your...ya know I don't know what else you could logically judge with, but seriously lets think about this before we start flaming.


Anonymous said...

Don't have much idea on this but the post was sensible read !

Cristian0 said...

"Just as an aside can you remain abstinent and NOT masturbate? Seriously? People got needs."

This is pretty funny :p

On a sad note, this is politics as usual. The whole satanic alter date thing I find hilarious. There is some stuff you just don't say on TV if you are planning to go into

gautami tripathy said...

I might not connect but I liked the writing.

baton of time

David said...

1.Haven't heard her stance on masturbation, but I'm willing to contemplate her stance during masturbation...

2.Some of us take the ouija board very seriously, but don't think we are ripened retards.

3. Your point is well taken. The media are the true movers and shakers in this world, and will draw our attention to the most inane stuff, in order to keep us from thinking.

Nice 3ww. I shy away from politics these days, but I think this was a novel approach.

The Bear Monk said...

Apologies if I've offended with the remark about being a retard to believe in Ouija boards...just operating with my own limited experience with the same basic setting.

ThomG said...

People have to think for themselves; when you say "media" you conjure up the yelling heads who speak in falsehoods. As a working journalist (on sabbatical, I admit; I tire of the corporate grind), it was my job to tell both sides of a story - and let an informed public make up their own mind. Too often, we let this talking heads make our opinions for us - and that's why we're so fractured as a country.

Tumblewords: said...

I'm glad she's not my boss. :) Good write, however.

Thomma Lyn said...

Good post! I'm aghast at the number of people whose knees jerk and fly at any provocation and who are willing -- even eager -- to let talking heads do their thinking for them, and how eager many people are to demonize and excoriate anybody who disagrees with them.

It's not just childish. It's dangerous.

More than ever, we need individuals who are willing to develop and nurture in themselves the skill of critical thinking. That's the only way we'll have intelligent debate and discourse in this country.

leilani said...

here's the thing about witchcraft... whether functional or not, most people who get involved in it are, clinically speaking, a few french fries short of a happy meal.

are we really sure someone who does really strange things like that is mentally prepared to make some of the biggest decisions in our society? i am not sure i am...