Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RE: The Glee Rocky Horror Show

The Translator and I watch Glee religiously.  That's right folks...I watch a show that is generally targeted toward a younger, hotter, female demographic.  As many of you have seen I'm not hot or female and I'm not particularly young either.

But still I really enjoy this show.  Mostly for Sue Sylvester, but some of the music is quite good too.

Last night Glee did a "tribute" to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  If you don't know what that is just stop reading now; go buy yourself a copy and educate yourself.

A rampant sadistic sex party, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is easily my favorite musical.  I mean how can you beat Meatloaf as a biker and Tim Curry as a transvestite scientist.

And really Tim's got a pair of legs that just don't quit.

The music is awesome and hilarious and raunchy all at the same time.  And if you have a theater in your area that does midnight showings then go expose yourself to the experience.  There's lots of interactivity that goes along with the movie.

Anyway...back to Glee.  WTF were they thinking?  The episode was more of a burned effigy then a tribute.  Let's start with a FEMALE Frankenfurter.  What kind of ridiculous bullshit is this?  How do you sing Sweet Transvestite when you're not even cross dressing?  And why is it we can say transvestite on TV, but we can't say transsexual?

I don't know how many of you caught Mercedes "modernized" version of the song, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing fucking sensational about Transylvania.  The whole thing sent a tremor of revulsion shoot up the back of my throat.

Now I know this may strike you all as a bit conservative of me, but who in their right mind would allow a group of high school kids to perform Rocky Horror.  I mean really...the whole damn thing is littered with sex and drug references.  It's not like children aren't exposed to these things already, but do we have to lead them to it?  Do we have to make it ok and more comfortable?  Certainly I feel like there's a vast gaping valley between allowing a child to watch a movie which is easily dismiss-able and actually emerging them to the point required to perform it.

A child's sense of propriety is fragile at best these days with the advent of sexting, internet porn (hell yeah I know I watch it too), and pop stars like Brittney Spearme and Christina Fuckmetherea, that we don't really need to push any further.

Wow...I'm kind of sounding like an old man.  Back in my day we only got porn in magazines...and we were happy to get it too.

I actually remember my first Playboy...Shannon Tweed was the playmate of the year that year.

Enough reminiscing...I'm not trying to say we should shelter our children from the realities of the world, I'm simply trying to say that there should be a balance.

Like Sue Sylvester says: "Children must know fear. Without it, they'll try Frenching grizzly bears or trying to live in Florida." if to contradict everything I've just said I'm going to shamelessly plug the little competition I'm sponsoring this month.  Please check out the Inappropriate my pants! tab up at the top for information.  We're all sure to get some laughs out of the whole thing.  We've had a few really great submissions already and I'm hoping to get lots more.


jaerose said...

Hear, hear Bear child should be subjected to musical theatre. it's just to scary to think of the consequences..Jae

Sara said...

So I watched Rocky Horror last night.

Definitely didn't like it.

Sorry to disappoint.

The Bear Monk said...

I think we're going to skip my softball game tomorrow and go see the midnight showing at the local theater ourselves. I need to purge the awful from my brain.

CkretsGalore said...

Ok, I definitely don't watch that show Glee but I saw the Ad for the Rocky Horror picture show and said to Manfriend "Oh Good God NO. That is just wrongness." I don't think it was too much for a teenager to view but teenagers should not be playing the parts..and a female for a tranny?!? WTF. Tim should pimpslap them.

Speaking of reminiscing..I remember when my father took me to see the movie in the theatre in downtown Vancouver B.C. They have actors that go on stage along with the movie and you bring props ie: newspapers etc.
I was 16 and dressed as a pregnant nun. I totally disgusted this fat old suit on the street and we had a good laugh.
Oh to be young again!

Judy said...

Great use of the words for 3WW and I agree with your post. That's just wrong on so many levels.

Will have to check out the Inappropriate Remarks. Sounds... interesting ;-)

Happy Wednesday!

Witless Exposition said...

The only part I liked was the cameo by Meatloaf and Brad.

Sender D. said...

Awesome use of the prompt. Love and Light, Sender

Mei said...

I love Rocky Horror and I love Glee (with the exception of tribute episodes) but I'm not sure about the combination of the two. I'm going to have to rewatch it to actually formulate an opinion as the first time I tried my BF kept trying to tell me about his day the whole time.

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

"As many of you have seen I'm not hot or female..."

BUT YOU ARE SQUISHY. And a big softie.

I've never seen Rocky Horror and I don't watch Glee, so really, that's all I have to add. Except maybe a foot stomp and a, "DAMMIT I LIVE IN FLORIDA."



The Bear Monk said...

The best and quickly becoming the only reason I watch Glee is because of Sue Sylvester. The character is well written and hysterical. She makes the show to me.

CkretsGalore said...

There are very few musicals that I few I mean there are 2 really. Rocky Horror Picture show and Little Shop of Horrors. That was so boss.

rebecca said...

Rocky Horror came on the scene when I was a teenager. There was a local theatre that had Friday night viewing for years and every Friday night the line would be out the door with fans dressed in their fave costumes. Have never watched Glee but saw in the news last week (because 3 of the stars posed "porn-like" in a mag) how people forget these are not kids portraying the characters, they're actors in their mid-, late 20s and the show was originally geared for adults because of the content but somehow it became popular with the kids as well. Don't know if this kind of answers your question as to why they did Rocky Horror. What horror!

Good read though and good use of the words. And, btw, totally agree...

Peaceful Pandemonium said...

I love Glee and now I am even more disappointed that I missed this weeks show. Great review, great thoughts, refreshing use of the words.