Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A new plan

So I've been thinking about my general approach to this whole eat/live healthy thing.  As you've seen in a few pictures now I'm kind of a fat ass.  I'm pretty much comfortable with it now, as I've been that fat kid my whole life.  However, with the prospect of parenthood on the horizon, I'd much rather be in a healthier place so that I can be an example for my future children.

Plus if I get healthy before their born I can lie to them and tell them that I've always been this way.  (Don't sneer...everyone lies to children.)

So the new plan:

Exercise: I think I plan to keep my original routine with this one.  I enjoy the 3 day a week jog and I really want to get back to it.  Softball has been a big part of the weight I've already lost, so I'm certainly going to keep doing that.  Plus I'm finally starting to not suck terribly.

Food:  This is the big one for me.  I tend to want to starve myself because the logical bit of my brain says if I don't eat I'll lose weight.  However I've been reading a bit and it seems that several small "meals" over the course of the day is a much better way to go about this whole eating healthy business.  So my plan at the moment is to add some fruit and/or veggies into my schedule at the mid point between each of my regular meals.  
  • 6:30AM - Breakfast
  • 9:30AM - Piece of Fruit
  • 11:00AM - Lunch
  • 2:30PM - Fruit or Carrots
  • 5-6PM - Dinner
  • 8PM - Small dessert.  (This will be the hard one.  I have an addiction to dessert)
Well...that's the plan.  I'll be doing updates on the Monday Weigh In again.  

Don't forget...the cake is a lie and the cube had to die for it.


Cristian0 said...

kind of?

The Bear Monk said...

Douche bag...

Cristian0 said...

Gotta be me ;) ... btw, there is no proof that there is any difference between small portions and the regular 3 meals.

If you go to bed before 11, that 8 PM dessert is a bad idea as you shouldn't eat 3 hours before going to bed.

If you starve yourself, your body starts storing fat so that it can go longer without eating so that is the last thing you want to do.

I wonder why everyone speaks with quotes nowadays... is it a "meal" or not?

The Bear Monk said...

Well I'm looking at it like this. Currently I get hungry around 9:30 between breakfast and lunch and I usually want a snack between lunch and dinner as well. Especially when we eat late. So I figure if I'm not super hungry when lunch or dinner roles around then I won't eat as much during those meals. You can agree that gorging is bad and so if I avoid it then that would be good.

CkretsGalore said...

Small meals are better than 3 large ones. You tend not to over eat when snacking inbetween.

Anyways, good on ya guy! That's wicked motivation and yeah people always lie to kids.