Friday, March 18, 2011

Comic Book Meet MMO

So I know it's been a long ass time since I've posted and that's largely because my responsibilities at work have increased (of course my pay has not) and frankly I've been too busy with life in general to find the time to write about.

Today I find myself with a free moment and as such I figured I'd fill you folks in on what is I've been doing with my limited spare time instead of attempting to entertain you all.

DC Universe Online.

All I can say about this game is...HOLY SHIT AWESOMESAUCE.  Ok...that's not all I'll say, but it is a pretty bad ass game.

As most of you are probably aware I've been playing World of Warcraft for a really long as time.  Like really...a long long long ass time.

Like 5 damn years.

Other then my wife...I've never had a relationship that lasted that long.  That actually makes me feel like a fucking loser.  Oh well... game...super awesome.

So far I've got to say I'm really enjoying the play style of the game.  It's much more dynamic and engaging then I ever found WoW.

First of all there's no such thing as auto attack...that's right its very button mashy.  Imagine if you will...God of War meets DC comics and slap a little MMORPG in there for good measure.  That's my best attempt at describing the game.

So basically the dynamic is that you have weapons...there's a variety of them and you can pick whichever you want...and you basically whack the shit out of villains (or heroes) and you basically try to do Combo's.  The higher your combo counter goes the more Power you get back.  You use Power on your Special Powers.  There are 6 types of powers.  Each set of powers has 2 specializations both of which offer both DPS and other (tank, healer, controller) benefits.

That's right folks...everyone can DPS.

Even healers.

In fact its basically order for a healer to continue healing they need to get their power back via hit I said...Bad Ass.

I've really enjoyed the game so far...I'm up to level 21 and I've had a consistently awesome time playing.

Most of the questing is similar to what you'd find in most other MMO's...go here and kill X number of guys or collect X number of objects etc, but with the button mashy nature of the game it's still really engaging.  Not to mention the fact that you're fighting NPC's that can actually kick your ass.

One thing I find is that there is a definitive tendency for the mobs to swarm you and crush you.  But it doesn't feel like such a huge deal to die.  Really it just feels like you need to approach that pull in a different way or formulate a better strategy.  Like pulling them off to the side.

Another thing I like is that it's a lot more 1 player friendly then a lot of MMO's out there.  There are even single player dungeons or instances.  These single player instances are later amped up a little to be a challenge for 2 players at the level cap and they're called duo's.

So in fact you can still do dungeon crawls with your friends if you want in groups of 2, 4, or 8.  8 being a raid.  I know this is really WoWish with the 4 and 8 player dungeons, however DCUO has actually implemented a queuing system that works.

I'm also really fond of the idea of a 2 player dungeon.  Especially since my dear wife is playing along with me.

Well's quiting time here and I'm heading home to play some more DCUO.  If you're interested you can look me up in DCUO on Brave New World/Hero by the name of Azario.