Friday, October 29, 2010

The Monday Weigh In Reborn

Well folks as you may have seen I was considering bringing back the Monday Weigh In, but as it is I think we've come up with a better idea.  Several of us from the family have got it in our heads to go with a new experiment.

5 of us

I think the plan is to mock and ridicule each other into weight loss.  All in all it should be a remarkably interesting experiment.  Check it out at


Anonymous said...

While I'm flattered to be included, I think you meant to include a different Lilly? Unless I was black out drunk when I was invited to participate and that's why I don't remember the convo? I am often in such a state while on 20sb.

The Bear Monk said...

Sorry many L's wondering about. You are of course welcome to join though.