Inappropriate my pants!!

Ok guys, lets have a throw down.  Who's got the funnier " my pants" joke?

The Basic Rules:

  1. You've go to fit the my pants.
  2. The book/blog/magazine you use has got to be REAL.  I'm asking that you send a link/pic for each so that I can verify.
  3. You can make 3 submissions and only 3 submission.
  4. Don't worry about being crude or rude...that's kind of the point.
  5. All submissions must be made by Tuesday November 30th.
  6. Judging will be complete by the following Tuesday December 7th.
  7. Submission can be sent to
The Winner will receive a t-shirt via Cafe Press.  Their submission will also be available in my Cafe Press store for others to grab if they'd like.  I also plan on picking 2-3 runners up from the submissions creating shirts for them as well.  I'll also be featuring the winners blog on my blog via a shiny post.

The Judges will be Witless Exposition (my dear wife), InfoJunky (my best friend), and of course yours truly. As such none of us will be making submissions, cause that just wouldn't be fair.