Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apparently, I'm a "Jerkface"

Lately, the Translator and I have been talking about baby names.  No there's not a cub monk on the way...yet, but we like to be prepared and naming a kid seems like one of those important things that should be discussed.  I mean I don't want my kid getting their ass kicked through school.

So let's have a look at the names proposed by the Translator:

  • Ruby
  • Ivy
  • Zoey
  • Rosson
To be frank I basically hate all of these names for varying reasons.  I particularly don't like the name Ruby.  The Translator thinks it would be cute especially if our kid was born in the month of July (for those less informed souls the jewel that is representative of the month of July is a ruby).  She likes the idea because both of our birthdays are in July as is our anniversary.  Also, my sister's birthday falls in the month of July.  The day after mine to be exact.

Which makes July a pretty hectic month for us.  Also a pretty broke ass month too.

I kind of feel like Ivy is a little bit too close to a comic book name.  I mean there's Poison Ivy and then there's those skinamax movies with the same title.  Seems like kids live into their names and I don't want my kid to be a whore or a comic book villain or God forbid both.

Zoey is just lame...I don't like it.  I'm not really sure why.  No real strong feeling about it...I just think it's kind of a terrible name.

And finally's my understanding that this is a family name for my wife.  Though very few people apparently participate in the convention.  I just can't bring myself to name my kid something that isn't a damn name!  It is a surname yes...but it is NOT a first or middle name.

And for all the above reason I am a jerkface.  Yup...I don't like any names she's suggested.  Not a single one.  I guess maybe I am...who knows.

Either way, so far as the battle of the names is concerned I'm winning.  We've decided on some lovely names in my personal opinion.

For a girl: Virginia (my grandmother) Rachel (her mother).
For a boy: Matthew James Jr.  (I always wanted a namesake.  Not sure why...but I intend to call him Jimmy).

Anyway...this was all basically spawned because I veto'd the name she picked for one of her fictional characters.  Clara just seems like she'd be a boring character based on her name.  Maybe that's because the last Clara  I knew was a fucking idiot.

QOTD:  Planning on having children?  Have any ideas for names?  What did you think of our choices?


Witless Exposition said...

That's ok, I'll just wait until you're out of the room and fill out the birth certificate before you come back. :)

The Bear Monk said...'ll be way to strung out on drugs. I have all the real power in this situation my dear.

Bretsyboo said...

try "Bret"

The Bear Monk said...

That would be like dooming my child to loserdom...pass!

Sara said...

LOL to your comment at Bret. : )

I'm not really a huge fan of the four names either. Sorry Translator!!! I truly despise the name Ivy, mainly because it makes me think of rich old ladies. Who knows?

Virginia Rachel and Matthew James, Jr., though? LOVE THEM. Those are great names!

Me and Andy have discussed, and we have no clue what middle names we would use but we like Jack for a boy and Emma for a girl.

Jamie Council said...

Gotta say the whole namesake things makes me a bit queasy; it was always a total dealbreaker for me. Just saying. I even vetoed using my middle name, which the ex really liked because it just seemed a bit vain. Meh, could jsut be me. Anyway, I'll say that you guys can SO use my name because Camille is a great name, especially if you DON'T grow up on the MS Guld Coast.
I'm kinda in your shoes right now though because I'm chaning Caitlin's middle name and can't decide. The only thing harder than nameing them while in utero is looking at them and their little personalitites and THEN naming them. *sigh*

OH, and epidural only affects your lower half, not your brain function, Matt. lol

CkretsGalore said...

Yeah the namesake thing...ick.
Seems like such an American thing (Ohhh ouch..Don't hate!)

Ivy is a stripper/comic book name. Bet she would turn out hot though.

The Bear Monk said...

I was kind of giving the namesake some thought as I was typing this...honestly I'm not sure I know why I'd want a namesake. I do know that James is a family name for my family. Most of the boys in the family have a James somewhere in their name, so that's something I'd want to stick with.

I have always like the name Vincent or Vince. Always thought that Todd or Kyle were weak names (this is of course reinforced by Carlin).

It's something to think about though...the Translator suggested James Rosson last night and I have to say it doesn't sound bad. Though I'm still kind meh on the whole Rosson thing.

Then again marriage is about compromise.

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I didn't like any of the four original names so maybe you're less of a jerkface and more in the majority?

I have a pretty unique name and I really enjoy having it. I don't think I could name my kid something very common. I do love Matthew though. :)

Stay away from Bret. Or Brett.


Cristian0 said...

Those four names are terrible. I agree with Bear but that implies that he is indeed a... jerkface ;)

I would also stay away from Matthew James Cassell because that is a serial killer name if I ever herad one.

Witless Exposition said...

Ok, I concede to Ivy. It is a stripper/comic book character's name. (Buy hey, at least I'm not asking for Harley :)

I do want to add that I was thinking of Ruby as a middle name, most of these actually.

I'm glad I have you thinking about Rosson. To maybe win a few people on my side with that one, it's the last name of a branch of my family that died out. There were two sisters and one brother (all really cool, awesome people). Their father told them they shouldn't get married because they'd have idiot babies, so they never did. Mary Emma even got engaged, but broke it off because she was too scared.

My sentimental writer side is all caught up in that family story.

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Hey there! I found you on 20sb. I'm loving the name Matthew. My husband and I don't have kids yet, but when we do we're going to have trouble picking names...I can tell. I like the artsy-fartsy names, and the names that he likes are weird warrior names like Darkon. Not gonna happen.