Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some People I Just Don't Understand

Specifically conservative Christians...not the whole lot of them, I'm sure there's conservative Christians out there that are totally level headed and sensible.  It just seems like a lot of the ones I've met in my time are either hypocrites or self righteous pricks, which of course makes them hypocrites too.

I see these televangelists and the people that follow them, spouting off about how everyone else is going to Hell and I can't help but feel like this fact doesn't seem to concern them at all.  In fact, they seem to revel in the idea that they get to go to Heaven and everyone else is going to Hell.

I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that no where in the Bible does Jesus talk to non-Christians about Hell.  Does Jesus seem like a tyrant that would want to rule his followers with the iron fist of fear?  Again, I may be wrong but, didn't Jesus himself say that the greatest two commandments were to love God with all of your being and then to love your neighbors as yourself?

I may be a novice Christian here, but I honestly thought that helping people to realize what Christ offers in the way of salvation and peace was pretty much the entire purpose of a Christian life.  Why can't these people see that mocking and ridiculing other people and their beliefs isn't getting them anywhere?  Did Jesus mock the tax collectors?  No, he showed them how to honor God through the way they lived their life.  He didn't mock them or try to make them feel guilty, he just loved them.

Its hard enough to come to Christ, I understand that faith isn't a convenient thing...its actually kind of a pain.  As I tend to lean more heavily on science, its a difficult thing for me to except that there's a big all powerful being somewhere that basically controls everything (except my free will).  And honestly when times of crisis hit, I frequently wonder to myself, why a loving God would do this to me and my loved ones?

And then I realize that not everything that happens is necessarily meant to be good for me.  Some things are meant to benefit other people and sometimes I have to get hurt for that to happen.  And that's okay with me.  It sucks in the moment but, in the end, its okay.

Back to my I said, faith isn't convenient but, it's not impossible.  Unless you put a conservative Christian at the front door.

Lets just say, a local Goth kid comes to the Sunday service.  This kid I'm sure would be welcomed, but it would be with very little warmth and frankly you can tell when someone is excited to see you and when they're pretending.  Why can't we just be honest with the Goth kid?  Why can't we just tell him that the way he dresses makes us uncomfortable?  Because its not important or shouldn't be.

Just because the kid wears a lot of black and eyeliner he/she can't love Jesus?  Could I possibly pose a dumber question?

Even better, lets say a young lesbian couple comes to church.  What happens?  These women are written off. Why can't a lesbian be a Christian?  Aren't all sins equal in the eyes of God?  By that logic aren't these gossiping conservatives living in sin as well?  I suppose its easier to focus on someone else's sin then it is on your own, but isn't that what we're supposed to strive for?  Aren't we supposed to try and learn to see past people's flaws and try to help them?  How can we do that when we refuse to see our own?

Okay...I've ranted enough.  I just want to put it out there that I DON'T think that all conservative Christian are hypocritical jerks.  I've known and am related to a number of conservative Christians that I am very proud of and all of whom I love very much.  And its that love that drives me to say the things I've said.

Look for an update on my dietary struggles tomorrow.  We're going to Alamo Drafthouse tonight for a movie with some guys from work and I will surely be tempted by most of the food there.  I don't think popcorn should be against the you?


niassne said...
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niassne said...

I deleted my comment because it was more about the "mosque" argument than it was about Christian hypocrisy, and I'd rather stay on target.

The Bear Monk said...

Well at this point, at least in my opinion, that's a valid example.