Friday, August 20, 2010

Defeat at the Drafthouse

Last night we went to see The Other Guys at the Alamo Drafthouse.  You may see a reoccurring theme there...I love going to the Alamo Drafthouse.  It's easily my favorite place to go in the city.

Kind of pathetic, I know.  But what can I say...I have a soft spot for movies and this place not only plays new movies but, also plays older movies that we all grew up with but never got to see on the big screen.  Point in case...a couple months ago we went and saw the Goonies and as much as I love that movie, it was somehow made better by being on a giant screen in a theater.  The Truffle Shuffle competition probably didn't hurt either.

Anyway, *slaps hand* back to the topic.  As you may know, the drafthouse sells food too.  In the most convenient way possible, they bring it right to your seat in the theater.  You never have to get up for snacks or refills, so basically, if you can hold it for like two hours you get to watch your movie virtually uninterrupted.

When it comes to food though, convenient food is my kryptonite.  If you don't know what kryptonite is, please stop reading this blog now...seriously...QUIT that litttle X up there and be gone....thank you.

Anyway, where was I?

Krytonite...yes.  They brought me pizza and after a few pints of Woodchuck I wasn't sober enough to realize I didn't need more food and ordered popcorn too.  The one-two punch of the drafthouse KO'd my dietary awareness.

So I stand before you today in humble defeat...but I'm not out of the game.  I'll be continuing my Couch 2 5K jogs and keep trying to avoid that dastardly fast food.

Wednesday's run was a pretty good one.  It was like 101 degrees outside but I persevered and managed to make all 8 60 second runs jogs.  I'm not sure who I'm trying to kid, talking about running.  Until next time people.


Witless Exposition said...

Sorry I had too many to say no to the popcorn, too. :(

The Bear Monk said...

I'm not sure when it happened but, someone put alcohol in our beer. Tricksy little hobbitsis!!