Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When you get a blue screen you must reboot

As I said in my last post I hadn't really found a lot of things that have been bothering me enough to rant about.  Kind of feels like I've gotten the blue screen in my brain.  So I guess it's time for a reboot.

I'm not really sure I'll try to write about anything in particular, though I do feel some strange desire to share my thoughts in a general sense.

Recently, I had a craving for some popcorn.  Not that artificially flavored buttery microwave garbage, but some good old fashioned popcorn made in a pot with a little oil.  I gotta tell you, it was satisfying.  It's been years since I had popcorn that tasted that good.  I little bit of unsalted butter melted over the top and a bit of salt and it's like a ticket to my childhood.

That's right...I remember when we got our first microwave.  I'm an old fart.  An absurd thought...a life, a house, without a microwave.  But, that was my family when I was a little kid.  I grew up in my Grandmother's house with her and my mother as my primary caretakers and honestly (not counting the last 7 years I've been married) I can't remember a better time in my life.

Surrounded by my family...Aunts and Uncle and my cousin and second cousins, I never really gave any thought to the fact that I didn't have a father around.  Let me reiterate...best years of my life.  I remember watching some cartoons and going outside and playing with my 2 best friends (Ricky and Derek).  Things were simple and I was happy.

In that house I remember watching the premiere of the "Thriller" video.  I remember finding my first Playboy, in my Uncle Jimmy's drawer.  I remember the first pet I ever had....Cuddles and then Brutus.

In that time I learned to be who I am.  Admittedly, I'm a bit rough around the edges but, I am what I am, and for the most part I'm pretty happy with how I turned out.

I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of this blog will be from here on out, but I for one don't think that everything has to have a purpose.  Some things are better left unknown...because its the mystique of the thing that keeps us satisfied.

And so, I guess the new purpose of this blog will remain a mystery for me at least.  If you figure it out, please don't tell me...I'm satisfied with the way things are.

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