Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm having a dry spell...much like Tiger's new social life.

I feel like I've hit a bit of a dry spell.  In this world full of stupid people doing stupid things, I haven't found anything recently that's really bugged the hell out of me.

It's kind of a shame...I was kind of enjoying my little expository adventure.  I felt like maybe, I was entertaining people, just a little anyway.  Oh well.

One thing I did see recently, which didn't really agitate me so much as entertain me, was all the speculation on how Tiger Woods' game would suffer now that he's come clean about his sex addiction.

Oh and the 14 women he shared it with that he wasn't married to.

How the hell does a golfer get 14 mistresses?

WTF homewreckers?  Don't you have standards anymore?  Don't you have a rock star you could be blackmailing?

Personally I don't see how NOT constantly having sex with 15 women and hiding it from each of them, could possibly have a negative impact on that man's already impressive game.

If anything he will change from the demigod of golf into the full fledged Golden God of the Links. 

He will smite or minds with his insane drives and destroy our perception of gravity with his amazing puts.  And when he celebrates his 18th hole in one at the next Masters, the angels themselves will descend from heaven to praise him.

And on the 3rd day he will say let there be light and....wait a second, I may be getting a little carried away now.

But really have you thought about how much effort it takes to hide something from one woman?  And he's managed to put us all to shame and make fools of 15 of them.  Shame on us for being lesser beings.  I mean, I nearly lose my mind trying to make sure I don't tell my wife what she's getting for Christmas.

Even if you discount all the stress and distraction that comes with deceiving 15 women at the same time, you still have to think of the sheer drain that actually physically having sex with all those women on at least a semi-regular basis.

I'd respect it if I didn't find it so despicable.  And revolting.  And just kinda gross, now that I've seen some of the porn stars.

I mean come on man...that's just not safe.

Plus your wife is smokin' hot anyway.

And then there's this Nike commercial they've recently released with Tiger's father lecturing him.  Does Nike really think this makes it all better?  Do they think this will improve an image scared by the faces of 14, shall we say, less then reputable, women?  Probably not.

Is Tiger 15 years old and just learning what social responsibility means?

The simple answer is...Nope!

He's an adult who, in theory, knows the difference between right and wrong.  Notice I said "in theory"...its really probably more of a hypothesis with him.

Hypothesis needs revision I think.

I do have to say, I think its ridiculous that he decided to make a public apology.  The only person that needed an apology was his wife.  Why should the man have to make up for his transgressions to people who will turn their back on him once he decides to stop playing golf?

You're fans...nothing more and nothing less.  Do you pay his bills?  Yes in a round about way, but does that entitle you to a stake in the rest of his life?  Do you let your boss lecture you about cheating on your wife?

Again...the simple answer is, Nope!

I just noticed how many times I've pointed out that the man had 15 women at once...I guess I'm just flabbergasted by the idea.  My mind is blown by the possibility.

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