Monday, November 8, 2010

It's people...soylent green is people!

So this weekend I got a lesson in irony from fish.  I's not the place one would usually look for enlightenment, but I'll take it where I can get it.

The Wife and I went to the Japanese Tea Garden her in San Antonio.  If you've never been and live in the area, shame on you.  Get your ass down there ASAP and don't forget the cat food.

Yeah...I said cat food.  Apparently the koi fish that they have in the ponds of the garden are rabid fans of cat food.  Ah...sweet irony, how I've missed you.

It was actually really amazing.  We started out feeding this small group of koi over on the far right side of the pond, but as time went by the group of fish we were feeding starting getting bigger and bigger.  We looked up and we saw this long line of fish coming from the left side of the pond.  All waiting in line for their fishy version of soylent green.

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The Bear Monk said...

Apparently your critical thinking skill should be in question. I asked that you, for once comment on the topic at hand, instead of absurd typo's and mistakes that I make in the English language. Fortunately, in this particular relation ship, I have all the power. Ah...power. How I love it. Welcome to the spam filter asshole.