Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bitch Be Crazy (3WW)

And we're back to Sarah Palin.  This week the crazy lady is criticizing Pennsylvania schools for putting a limit on the kind of snacks that are made available to students during holiday and birthday celebrations.  If you're interested in the article, you can check it out here.

I find this terribly interesting, because it seems so asinine.  We can't teach our kids about sex, but we can feed them right into obesity and health issues?  Honestly, speaking as a diabetic and a fatty, I'd say that obesity is a significantly larger problem, than least when it comes to elementary and junior high school children.

Palin is quoted as asking "You shouldn't have been making these decisions about what you can eat at the school. Should it be the government or should it be the parents?"  Based on how the public school system works, at least in my experience, parents have very little to no knowledge of / influence on the day to day of their children's education.  Let alone their eating habits when it comes to school time.

Simply put, it is my opinion that parents are ill equipped to make the appropriate dietary decisions for their children during the day.  In other words, while the parents are away, the children will eat whatever the fuck they like.

And since children are obviously not able to make the best decisions for themselves, that leaves the schools.  

If a parent doesn't agree with how a school is being run, that parent has the option of enroll their child in another school.  I know that can cost money, but honestly what wouldn't we do to give our children the very best opportunities right?  We treasure them so dearly after all.

Anyway, Palin of course jumped to immediate action when she heard about these poor starved children and brought them all dozens of cookies.  Cause that's what we need to do right?  Undermine the tenuous  grasp on authority that our teachers fight to hold on to.  Yeah...that's how we'll empower our teachers to help us rear our children.

It seems to me as though Palin is simply waving a rude, fuck you style, gesture in the faces of a predominately Democratic state simply because they are Democratic and this serves to keep her the headlines.  

In other Palin news...if you haven't heard there's going to be an "8 week TV event" on TLC.  Should help us all get a little insight, skewed by mass media to be sure, on how the mind of Sarah Palin works and maybe (just maybe) we can figure out those awesome parenting techniques that lead to Palin becoming a Grandmother.


jaerose said...

Does she have a mind that deserves 8 weeks of TV exploration? Jae

The Bear Monk said...

When I heard about this thing I wondered the same thing. I do remember seeing a bear in the previews though...maybe something interesting will happen with the bear.

Witless Exposition said...

Oh no! I fear for the safety of the bear with Sarah around!

I really like that you pointed out how undermining her act was. She's teaching our children that if you're loud and abrasive enough, you can do whatever you want...and get on TV for it!

ThomG said...

I choose to ignore her, and her ilk.

The Bear Monk said...

You gotta admit that it's fun to mock her sometimes Thom. She's just such a big fun target.

Patti Struble said...

There should be open season on stupid, but predators gotta eat. Maybe that should be the conclusion to the 8wk stupetude.

gautami tripathy said...


electronically yours

Anonymous said...

God she is so stupid. Seriously. Childhood obesity is one of the biggest problems in our country right now. Action needs to be taken, and on a large scale. Ideally, it should be the parents making the decisions and influencing their children, but like you said, parents have very little influence over the day to day lives of their children at school. So the next best thing is to educate them about proper nutrition via the school system.

If she is worried about the government telling people what to eat, then why isn't she pointing a finger at fast food restaurants and the food industry? They are geniuses at influencing our food decisions, they are just more covert about it.