Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goes together like a Horse and Carriage

This I tell you can't have one without the other.

Ok...well enough singing.  So I was laying in bed with the Wife last night and I went to give her a kiss.  Not a big sloppy I-wanna-have-sex kiss...FYI, those don't work anyway...but I nice sweet little kiss and what do I get?

A push and a "Oh freaked me out!"

That's right guys, that's what lies ahead for us married Joes.  At some point you're cruising along and abruptly you realize (cause as a man you only pay attention sometimes) that all of the romance has gone out of your marriage.

Anyway...moments later the Wife declares she has an itch and so I, being the helpful fuzzy wuzzy bear husband that I am, decide to help scratch said itch and commence with trying any number of places that she usually itches.  Again I get an unexpected response:

She starts squirming around and swatting at me (swatting is a nice way to say domestic abuse) and screaming at me "STOP HELPING! STOP HELPING!"

In that moment I realized, that the romance hasn't gone out of's simply turned into laughter.

We've been together a long time the Wife and I.  We've been married 7 and a half years, not to mention the year and a half we were together before the shackles...errr rings were on our fingers and over the course of time, I think we've both been guilty of letting life get in the way of our more traditional romantic moments.

Things like work and our pets and bills are distractions that subvert that one most important kernel of truth...that we love each other.

So today, when I go home, I may be wielding a cheap bouquet of flowers and an even cheaper bottle of wine in the hopes of seducing the Wife in a more traditional way then I have in a while.  Tickling the shit out your spouse isn't the only way to be romantic after all.


jaerose said...

Good luck!Jae

Sara said...

Now you HAVE to because she's going to read this and totally be expecting it.



CkretsGalore said...

Yup, that was my first thought. You're locked in now buddy.

Manfriend and I work together (our offices are right next to eachother) and spend a ton of time together but we still do a date night. Sometimes that date night involves just hanging in our camp room with vino, no tv, music and dancing. Then dirty fantastic sex of course.

But yeah, you have to take time out and it doesn't have to be fancy just attentive.

The Bear Monk said...

HEY HEY...I've set the bar pretty low for myself. Lets not go giving her any ideas.

I mean dancing?

Bitch be crazy :P

ThomG said...

Good luck with that.

Ramesh Sood said...

Enjoyed this.. well written..

Witless Exposition said...

Hmmm, dancing?

Nope, too much to hope for. Cheap wine hangover here we come!

Sumit Sarkar said...

Thank you for sharing this...
good use of the prompts.. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww. I hope to be this close to someone someday. It's funny, because I'm on the other side thinking how much I wish I just had a steady companion, and how much I just want to be comfortable and laugh until my stomach hurts with my significant other. Of course, flowers and wine will always impress me too. Your wife is lucky!

The Bear Monk said...

I like to think I do a good job taking care of her. But in reality, I'm glad she puts up with me. Between the noxious fumes and the physical abuse I put her through in the night, I'm surprised she hasn't smothered me in my sleep.

Shail said...

This is sweet :)