Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Today's my birthday and as such I feel like I should take a moment to reflect.  I don't feel older and I don't think I've come to realize my own mortality anymore then I did yesterday, but I do think that a birthday is an opportune time to reflect on personal goals.

Actually...I don't think goals is the word I'm looking for.  I think aspirations is a better word.

I know, I know...its a matter of semantics, but as is with many things, the details are what matter the most.

For the last seven years I've aspired to be a good husband and in that I think I've been successful.  I suppose only God and the Translator could tell for sure.  There is no doubt within me that I would be where and who I am today without the support of my wife.  She's meant more to me then anything in my life.

Once someone told me that life was a bitch, but with 29 years behind me, more often then not life is...I don't know what life is but, it's not always a bitch.  Sometimes its down right rewarding and sometimes even fun.

I stand at the end of a 29 year trail and at the start of another that will lead me to inevitable pain and turmoil but, with those trials will come victories and joy.  I look forward to being a father one day.  I look forward to reading the Translator's newest best seller.  I look forward to many happy years of fulfillment and I even look forward to the trials because, without trials how can I become a better person. 

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