Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Destined for Mahkery

Recently the Translator has taken a temp job doing some filing and data entry for a local business that provides several types of therapy.  As you can imagine this job is quite boring and monotonous.

However, she has come across quite a few names that are absolutely hysterical.  She's got a list of them up on her blog.  I'm going to focus on one that's not on that list.


That's right there is a child out there by the name of Mahkery.  

WTF were his parents thinking?  Is this supposed to be funny?  I mean it is pretty damn funny, but it's more funny "oh God" and less funny "haha".  Hopefully his parents are teaching him how to defend himself as I'm sure he's getting into fights over this on a daily basis.

I guess I'm not meant to understand the reasoning behind why parents feel the need to give these pseudo-unique names to their children.

"Oh my daughter's name is Jessica, spelled j e s s Y c a."

Wake up call.  That means your kid's name is Jessy-ca...retard.

And then there's names like Mahkery.  Did these parents not sit there and think to themselves "Hmm, that sounds like a real word.  Maybe I should look it up and find out what it means."?

Hopefully the next times these people try to decide on a name for their child, a good friend will be there to smack them in the head and take the joint away and say "NO!  I don't think Lemonjello or Orangejello or even Cherryjello is a good idea."

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