Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another reason to call her the Translator...

I have recently come to the determination that I am married to, what is possibly, the only English major that doesn't sound pretentious or like a pseudo intellectual.

I mean really...what good is all this knowledge about literature if you can't relate it to life or your uninformed friends?

Being married to the Translator I've had my fair share of exposure to these people.  I never understand what's going on in the conversation, even if I've read that particular book, and I always feel like a damn idiot by the end of the night.

Is that the point of getting your masters or Ph.D. in English?

I'm not really sure what brought this to the fore front of my mind.

I guess I just hope those people with their aloof demeanor, realize what they're missing by leaving we lowly simpletons out of their conversations.

I enjoy the classics and I have opinions, though they aren't as eloquently stated as they could be.  I realize there's more to Jane Eyre then a simple love story.

I also realize that Shakespeare made a lot of dick and fart jokes.  And while that may not be the meat of the story that he's trying to tell it sure does make it more enjoyable.

So to you pretentious few I say, get the stick out of your ass.  Even Shakespeare wrote to entertain the peanut gallery.


j. said...

In college, I used to call those kind of people PIAs (pseudo intellectual a*holes) and I switched my english major to an english minor just to avoid them...

btw, I found your page through 20sb and I like your writing!

The Bear Monk said...

Hey, thanks for checking me out!