Friday, March 26, 2010

I am what am and that's all that I am.

As any of my friends will tell you I am the most likely person to make an inappropriate remark in any given situation and most times I don't realize it until it's already escaped my mouth. I've never really had a sense of tact until my wife started pointing it out with the back of her hand on the backside of my head. I rarely intend to hurt feelings or make people feel uncomfortable and yet I seem to have a gift for it.

So, by my thinking, if I can perhaps get some of these inappropriate remarks out of me through another outlet maybe I can keep myself from blurting out how I think that John McCain would have turned into a warmonger while standing on stage at the Republican national convention.

On that note...WTF Sarah Palin?

How do you expect to maintain any sort of credibility now that you've signed a deal to have your own reality show?

Haven't you been paying attention?

While most reality shows will definitely get you noticed, it's rarely in a good light. I mean the whole pit bull with lipstick reference was idiotic enough, but now you choose to make what could possibly be the dumbest decision in political history. I mean Clinton cheated on his wife and didn't get ridiculed as much as I expect you will. Either way...I appreciate your efforts to keep comedians employed and for the sheer entertainment value that you'll offer your viewers at your own expense. I'll be sure to TiVo "The Soup" and "The Dish" as I'm sure there's no way I could possibly stomach actually viewing your show for more then 30-40 seconds at a time.

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InfoJunky said...

This move just cemented Tina Fey career for the foreseeable future.